Model Account on MyFxBook - Need Opinions!
Hi gang, as we sit around staring at charts I wanted to float an idea for a model account hosted on MyFxBook. 

I get a lot of messages about my current positions, stops, and targets even though I'm updating the stream here all the time. I get it, sometimes it's easier to ask than hunt for things.

I'm thinking a model account on MyFxBook would work well as something that you can just check whenever you want (even when I'm sleeping) to see all that info. I think it's a no-brainer idea, but I'm wondering how big to make the account.

My initial thought was to make it $5,000 but I realize a lot of folks are trading much smaller accounts. I don't want the model account to feel unrealistic and non-relatable. It's like opening a $100,000 demo with a broker. It just doesn't make it feel real.

So maybe a smaller account is better? Even a tiny account? I know a lot of you are new to FX and trading small amounts to start. Would something like a $100 model account make more sense?

I think it could, and I think it'd be cool to prove to outsiders that a small account can grow substantially over time (e.g. you don't need to swing for the fences).

I'd love to hear your thoughts as I consider what to do.  

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