Moderating the Difference
All Lives are equal in intrinsic value but not in mental & physical performance.   That difference in performance will result in difference of status when we are acting in our competitive nature rather than with our cooperative .   One of my early  Essays  on my Blog   

Short Thoughts too Long to Tweet

 It would be interesting to live in a Society in which all Goods & Services were distributed equally. Unfortunately, that is contrary to the Nature of Man. Even in our Prison Systems where things are most heavily controlled and every prisoner is suppose to have the same food, The same clothes, the same shelter, and medical care and all other thing provided by the system,  there is no equality. Some prisoners live very well with virtual freedom and most others are just Bitches.

Inequality is derived from the desire to compete for prize of power and the perks that accompany it. Even in a system design to be oppressive [but with equality] there are "some who are more equal than others".    There are also those who cooperate voluntarily to achieve a form of sharing with each other, because that too is in the nature of man. I would like to live in a world of equality but know that we can at best just approach that. Not even in a "Benevolent" Dictatorship is there a way to eliminate the desire of individual to compete for exceptional-ism [a Superior difference].

My hope is not to change the Nature of Man, but to modify it in ways that protect the lives of the many. If all men have sufficient food, adequate shelter, basic medical care, and the opportunity to acquire the maximum skills of his abilities, then all men would have the Freedom to say No to the oppressor who would withhold the basic elements of survival [food, shelter.....].   Only then would the Oppressor lack the power to force others to labor to the advantage of the oppressor. The most basic Freedom is Freedom from Desperation. Only then is there "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" available to the Common Person.