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Modern Low-Rise Living #3
And then there were 3! And yes, there will be more :) I like making these in-between projects. ^^ 


High Residential
Level 5
1x1 grid
4 colors: Black, brown, green and blue
1 Private parking space on ground level
RICO compatible

1910 tris
1024* texture

Custom LOD
64 tris
64* texture

So what's next you ask?
I think I'm gonna try out making a citizen, I looked into it and I got some more information. The only struggle now is the not knowing how to export the model with the bones information. If I succeed you will see a citizen as my next published asset. If not: I failed horribly and just quietly put the project in the 'Finish this shit someday-folder'. If that happens I think my next asset will be a university in the same style as the Wahroonga Elementary and Phoenix High School. Got any fitting concepts? Suggestions are welcome!