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Modern Warfare 2 Critical Let's Play: Part 16 (Of Their Own Accord, Contingency)
Hi everyone, The next episode of my Modern Warfare Let's Play is up here: After the pretty decent Gulag missions and a return of Captain Price, Modern Warfare 2 continues with pretty solid levels with Of Their Own Accord, and Contingency. Personally, I think Of Their Own Accord is a far superior introduction to the war on American soil than the previous mundane suburbia levels, and I really enjoy the reveal of the level design at the start of this level. The next mission, Contingency, is meant to be the player's realisation that Price isn't the same Price who went into that gulag five years ago, and provides one of the few moments in the trilogy where the player is deliberately absent from a key moment. Again, I've split this episode into two videos since it is a bit longer.
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