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Modern Warfare 3 Critical Let's Play: Part 25 (Return to Sender, Bag and Drag)
Hi everyone, Next episode is up: In this episode we leave our American friends in Europe after rescuing the Vice President to return to Price, Yuri, and Soap in Africa where they are working off the grid to find out more information about Makarov's plans. I really enjoy this mission with that ever-present and ever-encroaching sandstorm. The winds picking up and all that. Then we return to Europe with the intel that Price gained to try to capture Makarov's right-hand man in Paris. A few hiccups aside, it's another remarkably well-directed cinematic-focused level. I especially enjoy the car chase at the end of this stage. This episode is cut into two videos because I had some mic issues. Apologies for that. Cheers, Brendan
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