Modern Warfare Critical Let's Play: Part 5 (Safehouse)
Hello! First of all, a huge thanks to all of you for supporting this video series! I really do appreciate being able to get paid for doing something I really want to do. You are all great people. I have uploaded the first new video of the series since I started this Patreon, published here: In this episode, I do the mission Safehouse while talking about the influence of multiplayer on the single-player campaign design and becoming incredibly confused about how this level works. This is a shorter episode than the previous four, as I wanted to ensure all of the next mission, All Ghillied Up, was a single episode, and that mission is just over 40 minutes in its entirety, so they will still be about half-an-hour on average. Thank you again, all of you! If you have any feedback or criticisms of the videos, please feel free to email or tweet me. Cheers, Brendan
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