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Modern Warfare Critical Let's Play: Part 9 (All In, No Fighting In The War Room)
Hi everyone, Part 9 of the series is now live: We are getting tantalisingly close to the end of the first game! We saw the nuclear warheads launch, and now we head inside to the compound to put an end to them. These couple of missions work as essentially the climax of Modern Warfare's narrative, at least insofar as the big stakes are concerned. All that's left after this is the 'epilogue' of the final mission where we go after Zakhaev himself. To move things along, I'll be uploading that final video of the final mission tomorrow, directly after this one today, but because it is only about thirteen minutes long, I will be uploading it as a 'free' creation, so you won't be charged for that one but will still get an email about it. And then we can move on mid-week to Modern Warfare 2. Exciting! Thanks as always for your support, Brendan