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Modular Thatched Roofs Pack!
Hey guys!

Just for a more variation we have another Roofs Pack for you, this time Thatched variant for all those small villages ^^ 

Pack includes 50 unique hand made tiles that snap perfectly together either in Photoshop (140 dpi document with a grid setup to inches!), or any other program that supports grid snapping or  straight up in Roll20!

Fully modular of course as the last one :) And compatible with our previous packs!

Next pack will be "Village Addons" of sorts, I would love your suggestions what to include in the pack! So far it'll have :

Wooden Fence
Rock Fence

Roof Damage ( suggestions welcome on what type of damage)
Dirt overlays
Street Lamps (wooden lantern stand or something like that)

What else?  Leave your suggestions here, or come join us on our discord ^^

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