Mole Snake near Sunset Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Mole Snake (Pseudaspis cana) - non-venomous, but can inflict a painful bite.


I relocated this nice big Mole Snake from a garden area near Sunset Beach this morning - someone who was working in the garden noticed it moving into the bushes.

It took a while to find him because there were so many potential hiding spots, but they have a habit of following walls and I finally found him lying right next to a small wooden palisade in-between the bushes.

Mole snakes are found in a variety of habitats, even mountainous regions and deserts, but they're particularly common in sandy scrub-covered and grassveld regions.

They spend most of their time underground, pushing their way through soft sand in search of moles and other rodents. Viviparous, they give live birth to anywhere between 25-50 babies in late summer.

Interestingly, juvenile (young) mole snakes have a variety of patterns and colors that they lose completely once they reach adulthood.


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