Molly's Follies Sketchbook

I finally reached roughly 20 pages of Molly's Follies Sketches. I am overly excited that I reach that milestone. I started this project October 2015 and I love how each drawing improved over time. Last weekend I was able to get all of the drawings photographed by my very talented cousin Alex.  I posted some of the images up on my website. 

Now comes the hard part ...getting the books printed.

I been researching book publishers and online print shops to find the best quality books while keeping them relativity cheap for you guys can afford. I am planning on doing small batches of the art books.  

I also plan for those who are Patrons at any level get a discount code on my store for the Molly's Follies Sketchbook.  Since you guys are loving my art, I want you to be rewarded for supporting me on this journey! If you have friends or family who would love this work too share them the link I provided and ask them to be patrons too! 

That's it for this week. Stay tune for announcements about the book. I am currently in the process of editing all the images to be the best they can be. Also working on more Molly's Follies Episodes and the start of the comics! 

Til next time

Chris J

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