Mollyville Dystopian Suspense Audio Drama Podcast EP 04

Sometimes we have to let people we love go their own way. Despite the ways we may feel, nobody owes us anything.

The sooner we accept that and focus on feeling good about what we can, the more we will see that everything is always working out in our favor. All we have to do is know that, and believe.

I’ve heard people say that seeing is believing but it’s really the other way around: First you must believe, then you’ll see.

☁ Episode 04: What Lies Beneath

Last we left the Olsens, Eva told Bjørn that their relationship with Goldie was over. Since then, Kristoff and Antigone Olsen have become despondent and Bjørn, plagued with unanswered questions and dangerous ideas, is in distress.

Given a choice which would you choose—an unpleasant truth or a comfortable lie?

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Musical Features in this episode by Otis McDonald: "Hang Ups (Want You)" & "One More Chance"