Mollyville Dystopian Suspense Audio Drama Podcast Ep 07

“In the building of character, the two principal objects in view should be the strong and the beautiful. The character that is strong but not beautiful may have force, but cannot use that force in the building of the superior. The character that is beautiful but not strong will not have sufficient power to carry out its lofty ideals. It is the strong and the beautiful combined that builds mind and character, and that brings into being the superior man.”

Words of wisdom from my main man, Christian Daa Larson visionary author of Your Forces and How to Use Them. Put your eyes on his words and master your mind.

Episode 07: Money, Power, Respect

Last we saw Bjørn he was in rough shape. His son Jas, the most rotten of the Olsen apples, dropped a bomb on Bjørn which sent him straight to the bar where he ran into none other than the one person he promised his wife he’d leave alone, Mx. Goldie Glās who kicked Bjørn's woes up a notch by threatening Bjørn that he and his wife would do best to mind their own business. Bjørn, as bad as he is, gave this some consideration. Why? 

Because Mx. Goldie Glas is nefarious beyond reproach.

This week's episode features a trailer for Wynabego Warrior, an audio drama podcast that brings you into a modern day Wild West fantasy  so real that you'll smell the vegan meat cooking over the open flame of the fire. Intelligent subtle humor, excellent writing, brilliant acting and flawless execution. You'll hear the trailer at the end of this song. Give it a listen. #EagleScreech