A moment.
The piggy and I had a moment.
Yes he is looking deep into my eyes and I am giving him forhead massage?

This is just a photo from the summer when I was sculpting a boar, thought I needed a photo of me on the Patreonpage so I've updated it now... :]

I doon't really like being in front of the camera.. But I thought, where if not on Patreon should I try to drop those barriers and just be myself. Although-yes-this-is-semi-staged-since-I-took-this-photo-of-myself-aaand-I-am-mostly-blond-nowadays-and-also-had-to-get-glasses. Soo yes, hi there!

I also love peeking into other artists lifes, their studios and creative little nooks and see them creating. So if you got any pics, share them! ^^