A Moment With Brawny Buck (teaser - restored)
This post is not charged.  It is just to replace the previous post where the link is no longer valid.

Link to the video:


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Here's a teaser for a fun project that I started working on sometime last year with a bunch of my friends.  I had initially intended to show it off at Bronycon 2017, and it was almost done by then.  But a series of unfortunate events (that I'm sure some of you are aware of) kept me from putting the final touches on it for a long time.

I finally managed to finish it by Everfree Northwest 2018, where we debuted it at the Analysis panel on Sunday of the convention.  The crowd seemed to like it and I hope you do too.

The original had been taken down with a community guidelines strike for nudity and sexual content.  We're still not sure as to the who or why.  But the strike was successfully appealed and it's back online now.