Momentos: November 1st – November 15th, 2019

These are my Momentos, short personal diary entries I write daily – since 2013 – and publish twice a month. Patrons see the newest batch a few days before everyone else.


Averaging less than 6 hours of sleep this week, less than 5 last night. It ain't healthy or sustainable to be spending significantly more hours in front of my laptop every day than I spend sleeping. But it's a trade-off I'm willing to accept for a while.


Two ways to build a 4-hour-workweek business: put in a crazy amount of hard work up-front, then reap the rewards for many years; or, find and exploit some loophole few people know about, and hope it stays secret. Which of those businesses would you rather have?


Reading Katharine Graham's autobio. She writes about her parents and the influence they had on her, the good and the bad. Imagine if you could read about any given life like that, learn how people became who they are. We'd probably judge much less, empathize much more.


Yet another disappointing affiliate marketing course. How can there be 30+ lessons and barely any mention of SEO? How can the content be so generic? How can the lady who created this course have made so few updates since 2016 and still be earning $1000 a day from it? 


Might be an opportunity to speak at a digital nomad conference next year but I'm not even going to try for it. My last few speaking gigs took a lot of time and I can't point to anything significant that came from them. I'd be doing it more for vanity than anything else.


Signs of aging: the cultural icons of your youth are passing away regularly; your parents attend more funerals than weddings; both you and your wingman from seven years ago are now in long-term committed relationships, double-dating in Ubud.


Early morning, still dark. I let the kettle boil in blue flame, spend a few minutes watching geckos hunt termites, stalking across walls and windows. The big gecko is back living in the kitchen. He was away for a few days, returned home with no tail between his legs.


All these folks are heading out for the night, been drinking for a few hours. Just not my scene anymore. There's nothing I'd like LESS than to head to a bar right now. Get me home to bed and a good book. 


Been a miserable day, had a banging headache and a sore throat earlier. But at least it's ending well. Feeling better now as we lounge on the beach with some fruity drinks, watching the sun sink, listening to a podcast hug.


Subscribers starting to pick up. Gained about 100 all of last month, and now 50 in the last week. I feel good about the newsletter. Solid content, positive feedback, and it forces me to stay in the loop and learn new things each week.


A few aches and pains now... back's been at me for a couple of weeks, the sore throat still lingering. I should really get some rest, but instead I threw almost ten hours at the work stuff today. Trying to get ahead before flying to Thailand tomorrow. 


On the way to the airport and a blip on the phone tell me it’s a thousand dollar day. This should end up being my best month yet for affiliate income. Grateful, but not too much. I’ll try treat this like an average day. Because that’s what I want it to be, the level I’m looking to get to. 


There are two types of authority site builders: those who reveal their sites, and those who don't. I'm obviously the former. Makes it easier at meetups like this, on a Chiang Mai rooftop. You can talk specifics. But there are advantages to keeping your site to yourself.


First day of the conference proper. Had several people recognize me and compliment my work. That felt good. I'm less than a year into this SEO and affiliate marketing game, yet my content might already be on par with the seasoned pros.


Published that review. Spent 30 hours on it, ended up being about 7000 words, few of them positive. Might actually be some blowback from this one. The lady who created the course has many fans. Hopefully they'll see fit to tell me I'm wrong.

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