Momentum | February 2017
Sometimes in life we are dealt some difficult cards, but even in the most dire situations momentum can be found. 

 You may have heard the expression, “knowledge is power” there’s a lot of validity to that expression but I also think “knowledge is healing.” Sometimes it’s a lack of understanding of ourselves and sometimes even others that put our minds in unhealthy positions. It’s time to create a lifestyle of keeping a HEALTHY MIND in order to have constant momentum. 

You’re planting your seeds of life and have to constantly nourish those seeds until they reach their full potential. You’re life is much like an oak tree; one small acorn creates a majestic giant.

The truth is, sometimes when we are at are lowest WE are the ones standing in our own way. YOU are standing in your own way, it’s time to step out of the way and take ACTION. 

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