Mommies, Daddies, and Littles
I've been reading an anthology about Daddies and their Littles and it struck me that I've not yet organically come across romance/romantica involving Mommies and their Littles yet. 

Considering the amount of erotica I absorb on a daily basis, this is actually somewhat noteworthy. 

So, as you know, Bob, Daddies/Mommies and their Littles is considered a subset of BDSM, where ...well, you can guess the rest, right? 

What's fascinating is that ageplay has really sort of taken off in the romance genre. Originally, I thought it spun off from the whole stepbrother romance craze (more on that at some other time). Y'know. First comes stepbrother porn, then comes stepdaddy porn, then comes ageplay...

Except maybe not. 

It's possible that much as the poly community is trying to leverage the menage/boy-harem craze into something that will support interest in poly romances, that the BDSM crowd have also tested the waters post 50 shades of gray and found that yes, indeed, there are no sharks.

But if one takes a look at what exactly seems to be selling...

Blonde, blue-eyed, creamy pale brats and their tall, dark, handsome, and usually rich as sin Daddies. 

There's all sorts of conjecture that I could make, but if you wanted to read about racism and misogyny and class warfare, you'd go to Twitter. 

So I fell to thinking about why personally the notion of writing Mommies/baby boys doesn't appeal and reasons why it might not be a construct that would appeal to romancelandia. 

It's a fact universally known that women use romance for escapist purposes (we'll talk about the issues within that later). 

Note the trend here, following the endless Cinderella-millionaire tropes...

The Dominant takes charge. He's usually rich, or at least well-off, and can solve whatever issues the heroine has. He's usually got the answers, y'know, being rich and competent and all. He's responsible for getting the sub off. (oh perfect romancelandia world...) He often gives her gifts and whatnot. 

*coff* has enough money to pay for emotional labor to be performed *coff*

So pushing the envelope a bit more, we have the Daddy-Dom. 

Daddy-Dom takes charge. He makes all the decisions. He's responsible for everything. He's usually rich, competent, tall, dark, handsome, and can carry the Little around with one arm. He picks her clothing. He makes sure she's fed. He punishes her when she's acting out so she has a sanctioned outlet for her emotions. He puts her to bed when she needs it and makes sure that she is taken care of. 

...(heck, where do I sign up for a Daddy-Dom?)

But notice the trend here. It's still a permutation of the Cinderella trope. The guy taking care of things. It's just being stretched to be even more encompassing than just "hey, have a kingdom of serfs, pretty jewels, and the ability to rub your horrible stepsister's face in your joy, plus I have the powah to make all your woes go away in that off with their head sorta way". Note, also, that a major, major, major part of the fantasy here is endless emotional labor performed by the male. (let's talk gender constructs and social constructs later)

The dude is literally picking out her clothes and feeding her and in some cases wiping her bottom for her if they do diapers. There's...not much more you can do in terms of labor and emotional labor than that. 

(if you have suggestions, please, the comment box is right there)

I'm noting that in some of the more erotica-leaning ageplay stories, the guy sometimes has a nanny that he's hired to do the diapering, breast-feeding, etc. 

But in the romance novel section, it's always the guy doing all of this. Even while he's a billionaire with a super-corp with tens of thousands of employees. (guy really knows how to delegate, I guess)

What's really interesting (as if all that wasn't fascinating to begin with...) is that again, all of these cute adorable brats are all white, often blue-eyed, and very rarely anything but blonde. 

I have no idea if the authors are diverse, but there's certainly very little diversity in the Littles camp. 

(yanks self back from talking about race, misogyny, Beckys, and Nazis)

Moving on...

So now I'm trying to figure out if there's any possible way that a Mommy/Babyboy story could be written that would be appealing to the romancelandia crowd. 

Personally, it's not something that I'd pick up, which makes this brain-twister challenge the more interesting. 

Slight tangent: there's also very, very few Domme and male sub romance novels out there. There's only one that I can think of that I came across organically. 

The thing is, the only angle I can think of that could possibly be alluring to parts of romancelandia is one that's already fulfilled by vampires. And more sexily, to boot. 

Breast-feeding, blood-feeding, the notion of being the One source of nutrients for your lover...yeah, wasn't really my cuppa with vampires and it's not really one I can work with here either. 

There's enough general frustration with "man-children" that I'm not sure "Babyboy" is really marketable.