Mom's Best Friend, page 2
Trying to remember what it was like working with my editor, what stands out the most is a blur of constant writing. All our communication was through email, discussing story ideas, exchanging drafts and revisions with her feedback on where to focus, how to improve. This constant correspondence was on top of the workload of being a full-time college student and working a part-time job, it's no wonder my memories during that period seem to blend together. (Now that I think about it, is this were my resentment of sleep stemmed from?)

She first asked I submit to her a few ideas to choose from, to think of a story that could be a captivating pilot and have the potential for becoming a series. It was harder than I initially suspected - not for lack of ideas, but deciding which ideas I was willing to use and potentially lose to this project.

The idea which ended up being chosen was about a girl who grew up in the shadow of her Mom's mysterious best friend, whom she was constantly compared to but had never seen. Now that she was attending the boarding school the two had met, she would discover why. 


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