Monday 7/18's New Challenge Video!!
Hey everyone only 2 weeks left in our 2016 European Tour and then I will be able to message everyone and also send out autographs and things for recent patrons!! Here is a link to Monday's video we posted which features a huge pizza challenge I attempted while in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!! Another new challenge will post today which features a calzone challenge I attempted in Willliston, Vermont near Burlington!! Thanks everyone for watching and supporting our channel via Patreon!!
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NOTE: You are welcome to remain anonymous of course, but please message me if you do prefer that. Otherwise, your name will be added to our "thank you" slide on our videos. You are also welcome to message me and let me know if there is a certain name you want us to use that is different from your Patreon name.
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A few times per year, I will send you a personal greeting/message to thank you for your help!! Please be sure to let me know when your birthday is so I can wish you happy birthday (I'd be happy to wish one or two of your friends and family members happy birthday too)!! Plus all previous rewards. BIG Thanks for your support!!
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6 times per year (as needed), we can Skype for 30 minutes (or more if needed) and you can ask me anything you'd like (within reason please). You can ask about nutrition, health, & fitness tips, food challenge advice, YouTube help, travel tips, entrepreneur related questions, and much more!! Plus all previous rewards. I appreciate your help!!
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