Monday Afternoon
Here I sit at Elliot's Fairgrounds coffee shop. This is where I write most of my work like a typical modern writer. Procrastination is my worst character fault...I hope, anyway. Every project, every event I want to do, I wait until the very last minute. I never learn from this either. It's kinda annoying.

That means I have to apply myself harder early in order to get shit done.  I have a few things up in the air right now.  I have to arrange what cons I'll be appearing at this year. I also have a few books to write. I have Red Knight Tales to put together and a Indie Go-Go to pay for the damn thing.

I was hoping to finish writing a basic plot for the second Divita novel

by the end of January. However, that doesn't feel like that's going to

happen. The good news is that it's coming along. The story is simple

enough, but deals with some heavy subjects. The survivors of the first novel have deal with the changes life throws at you. The backdrop is the early 80's when the AIDS crisis first took hold. The bigotry towards the gay population was horrifying. Worse than anything I can come up with. In this sequel, immortals will come face to face with their own mortality. I hope I'm up to writing such a dark story. Don't worry, there will be fun shit like snake monsters, called Nagas, so it won't be a total bummer to read.

I'm also preparing to speak at a local high school, Green Run about writing with fellow Primal Paper creator, Jeff Hewitt. It should be fun, but I have no idea WHAT about writing we'll discuss. I hope the teens think we're "down with the street"! Do they still say that?

Anyway, that's all this week. Soon, JC Grande will send me examples of the Red Knight #9 and YOU will be the first to see them. I might even to ask you to pick the best one. What do you say to that?


Justin Cristelli