Monday, April 11, 2016 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are up now on Here's what I covered today: 

Trump Rally Clips, Andy Newman And More. 04/11/16. 7:00am

Tan Mom Calls In. 04/11/16. 7:10am

30 Million Subscriber Celebration. 04/11/16. 7:30am

High Pitch Erik And Joey Boots Update (Plus Hanzi Returns). 04/11/16. 8:05am

Howard Takes Some Calls. 04/11/16. 8:45am

Louis C.K. Visits. 04/11/16. 9:05am

Robin's News. 04/11/16. 10:40am

Wrap Up Show - Chris O'Donnell And Julian Velard Sit In. 04/11/16. 11:35am

Wrap Up Show - Louis C.K. Discussions. 04/11/16. 11:50am

Wrap Up Show - Will The Farter, Tan Mom And More. 04/11/16. 12:05pm

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