Monday, April 14, 2014 - The Howard Stern Show
My rundown of this Howard Stern Show is posted at Here's what I covered: Scott The Engineer's Screw Up. 04/14/14. 6:00am Gary's Stories From The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. 04/14/14. 6:10am Howard Takes Some Calls. 04/14/14. 6:25am Glen Miller Audio Clips. 04/14/14. 6:55am Richard Christy's Drunken Saturday. 04/14/14. 7:05am Bam Margera Visits. 04/14/14. 7:20am Phone Calls, Medicated Pete Clips, Shuli And More. 04/14/14. 8:55am Robin's News. 04/14/14. 9:25am Wrap Up Show - Scott's Screw Up And Gary At The Hall Of Fame. 04/14/14. 10:35am Wrap Up Show - Richard And Stryper. 04/14/14. 11:00am Wrap Up Show - Bam, Novak And More With Richard. 04/14/14. 11:15am
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