Monday, April 20, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's Howard Stern Show are posted now on Here's what I covered today: Fred Armesin And The Flaming Lips Beatles Special Preview. 04/20/15. 7:00am TV And Movie Discussions And Ronnie's Trip To Atlantic City. 04/20/15. 7:05am Shuli At Nicole Bass Strip Appearance. 04/20/15. 7:35am Fake Liza Minelli Calls In. 04/20/15. 8:10am Benjy And Elisa Update. 04/20/15. 8:15am A Few Minutes With Hanzi. 04/20/15. 8:25am Simon Cowell's Leaked Email About Howard Discussed. 04/20/15. 8:40am New Movie Trailer Discussions. 04/20/15. 9:15am Mariann, Ivy Supersonic And More Benjy And Elisa. 04/20/15. 9:25am Wolfie's Philly Comic-Con Interview And More Calls. 04/20/15. 9:35am Sour Shoes Amazing Artie Impression. 04/20/15. 10:05am Robin's News. 04/20/15. 10:10am Wrap Up Show - Eddie Kaye Thomas Sits In. 04/20/15. 11:30am Wrap Up Show - Benjy And Elisa, Ralph And Ronnie And More. 04/20/15. 11:40am Wrap Up Show - Simon Cowell And More. 04/20/15. 11:55am