Monday Blues
I am a life long insomniac and for whatever reason, last night was one of those nights where I caught a couple of lightly dozing cat naps and spent the rest of the night awake. It wasn't entirely wasted. I read most of Devoted in Death by J.D.Robb. She is better known under another name for her romance novels and I can see why - she is a master writer. Although there is sex and romance in her scifi/mystery books it is well written, and the percentage of romance to mystery is acceptable for me. That is, it is a mystery with a bit of romance rather than a romance with an occasional passing nod at the fact there is supposed to be a mystery story lurking somewhere.

Sunday I actually took "off". My version of a day off is a couple of hours pushing the manual lawnmower around the yard, raking, watering and so on. A bike ride up to the store to fill water bottles. But the rest of the day I actually more or less relaxed with a stack of old CDs I bought for a quarter each at a garage sale Saturday. My idea of fun - 400 great works of literature, 3d world atlas, Compton's Encyclopedia... none of which, alas, worked on the desktop I have now. But the 120 languages CD worked which thrilled me no end. I am learning Japanese and have a deep secret hope that someday I might even be good enough to translate my work into Japanese. Don't hold your breath on that one, okay? 

Today it is back to the grind. That is adding 2 or 3 parts to the I Am Pagan book at Wattpad, and perhaps downloading more of Serendipity from Wattpad to give me a manuscript to work and edit from if I have time. I do have to get a couple hours in at Mechanical Turk so I can buy some food this week. Just small staples like milk, eggs, salad, fruit, things we can't stock up on at the first of the month. I have to get my computer work done before we leave for dialysis about 2:00 PM because I spend the rest of the day in the RV in the parking lot. Having electricity, internet, and the Chromebook are all iffy. I have things that should work, but they don't always. We don't get back until 9-10 PM and he is usually tired and not feeling well. 

I am thinking about doing a YouTube video about my book, Peritoneal Dialysis, with a couple more blog posts/videos alongside with some of the things we've learned living with CKD and ESRD to help my hubby feel and do a little better. What do you think?