I didn't do my Sunday check-in since I was off at Oddmall, wearing my crafter hat. But last week was a VERY productive week for me. I finished chapter 8 of B&G 2, finished the first draft of stamps, and did a read-through on Unfixed Timelines.

The last of those items, Unfixed Timelines, will be coming soon to my $3 per month and higher backers. It's currently available for pre-order on Amazon, and goes live on June 1st. But backers will have it sooner! :)

In addition to my planned work, I also started a new story (which I'm calling MiskU) that I need to fast track if I'm going to get it done in time for an anthology deadline. But I've got a pretty good sense of where this one is going, so it's just a matter of getting it on virtual paper.

This week, it's chapter 9 of B&G2, working on MiskU, and starting a new story, which I'm calling charcoal. That may also be the title of the story, unless I come up with a better one later.