Monday, January 4, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's Howard Stern Show are up now on Here's what I covered today: 

Howard's Misery And Vacation Stories. 01/04/16. 7:00am

Robin's Vacation Trip To London. 01/04/16. 7:20am

High Pitch Eric Weigh In. 01/04/16. 7:35am

2015: The Year In Review. 01/04/16. 8:05am

John Lennon Tribute Clips. 01/04/16. 9:00am

John Stamos Visits. 01/04/16. 9:15am

Phone Calls, News Clips, Gifts And More. 01/04/16. 10:30am

Robin's News. 01/04/16. 10:40am

Wrap Up Show - Holiday Party Thank Yous. 01/04/16. 11:40am

Wrap Up Show - Phone Calls And Thank You Note Discussions. 01/04/16. 10:55am

Wrap Up Show - Howard's Vacation. 01/04/16. 12:05am