Monday, July 20, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are posted on now. Here's what I covered today: 

Howard Returns Live. 07/20/15. 7:00am

Miss USA Pageant Clips And More. 07/20/15. 7:05am

New Phony Phone Call, Phone Calls And More. 07/20/15. 7:20am

Paul Rudd Visits. 07/20/15. 7:45am

Movie Reviews, Audio Clips And More. 07/20/15. 9:05am

Bobo Tested Once Again. 07/20/15. 9:20am

Howard Takes Some Calls. 07/20/15. 9:35am

Caitlyn Jenner And Bill Cosby Discussions. 07/20/15. 9:45am

Baba Booey Golf Shout Outs, JD Update And More. 07/20/15. 10:05am

Robin's News. 07/20/15. 10:15am

Wrap Up Show - Jake Fogelnest Sits In. 07/20/15. 11:15am

Wrap Up Show - Paul Rudd And More. 07/20/15. 11:25am

Wrap Up Show - Throat Clearing, Richard Christy And More. 07/20/15. 11:40am

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