Monday, May 18, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are posted on now. Here's what I covered today: Back Pain, Robin's Cat Dies, Night Terrors And More. 05/18/15. 7:00am Goofing On Jeff The Drunk. 05/18/15. 7:25am Movie Reviews And More. 05/18/15. 7:25am Phone Calls, Evil Dave And More. 05/18/15. 7:35am Bill Cosby Audio Clips. 05/18/15. 7:40am A Post Hypnosis Sal Update. 05/18/15. 8:00am Where's Big Foot? 05/18/15. 8:05am Howard Takes Some Calls. 05/18/15. 8:15am David Crosby Visits. 05/18/15. 8:50am Howard Takes A Couple Of Calls. 05/18/15. 10:25am Robin's News. 05/18/15. 10:40am Wrap Up Show - Jason Mantzoukas Sits In. 05/18/15. 11:25am Wrap Up Show - David Crosby And More. 05/18/15. 11:40am Wrap Up Show - Hypnosis. 05/18/15. 11:50am
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