Monday Medusa: Smokey Mermaid

-I'll be at the Jet City Comic Con in Tacoma this weekend along with my Combine partners Micah Berkoff and Jaymz Bernard and our friend Kyle Shepherd and my sister Katie! It'll be a full booth! If you plan on attending the show please come by and say hi!

-My game Ocean is available as part of the current Bundle of Holding. The Bundle of Holding is a selection of digital role playing games bundled together at a huge savings. The current bundle features over $100 worth of horror and suspense RPGs for about $16. There's some great games in there (including Murderous Ghosts, The Final Girl and Don't Rest Your Head), but Ocean is a little different from the rest. Ocean is a survival/mystery game the functions more like a cooperative board game than a traditional rpg. Players work together to tell the story of a group of amnesiac survivors trapped in a mysterious underwater base on the Ocean floor. The game focuses on teamwork, sacrifice and betrayal as the players solves mysterious and try to stay alive long enough to escape. Also, there's monsters. Ocean is the first game I designed and wrote by myself, and the first game where I used comics to help establish the tone and themes of the game. If you like role playing games and want to try something VERY different I think you'll dig Ocean.

You can get Ocean as part of the Bundle of Holding here.

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