The Monday Muse savors a hot meal and her first dose of caffeine for the day

Hello again! Today's Monday-Muse-Onna-Tuesday comes to you from Enchanted Grounds Coffee Shop & Cafe in downtown Raton, New Mexico. It's a lovely cafe, spacious and bright and cheerful, full of delicious things. I had the green chili and roast beef panini with an iced tea.

As nice as things are this afternoon, I wasn't actually supposed to be here. The original plan would have had me just making my way to Denver Union Station right about now, there to wait to board the eastbound California Zephyr this evening around seven. But that train got canceled because of anthropogenic climate change, not even kidding, so instead I boarded a Greyhound bus leaving Denver at seven-thirty this morning (which meant leaving the house at six; all praise to my husband for driving me) in order to board the Southwest Chief in Raton. That'll get me to my connection with the City of New Orleans, which train will not, as it happens, take me all the way to New Orleans, but rather to Jackson, Mississippi, where I'll get on another bus to finish out my trip. That is also because of anthropogenic climate change.  Look, last week's snowstorm and the ongoing floods are both being described as catastrophic and historic and record-breaking. There is a pattern here.

Speaking of patterns, I'm still stuck in the one where I post the Monday Muse late and say "Last week's Fictionette will be released just as soon as possible and hopefully this one's will be on time." Looking at the next, oh, 36 hours or so, I think I'll be able to post the March 15 release tomorrow afternoon during my layover in Chicago. The ebook at least; recording the mp3 on a train with coach accommodations may be tricky. Maybe in the lounge car after hours? We'll see. Meanwhile, I expect also to get the March 22nd release written before disembarking in Jackson because that's what cross-country train rides are for. They are mobile writing retreats.

And here is the writing prompt from which the March 22 release takes its inspiration--spark?--cue, I guess. It's from another click on the Writer Igniter's SHUFFLE button, and it goes like this:

Character: Butcher
Situation: Gets Arrested
Prop: Last Will and Testament
Setting: A dining room. Round table set with a glass flask as though for alcohol and several cordial glasses. Also a candle in the center of the table. Chairs are upholstered in either tapestry or vinyl; their backs are scrolled/carved wood. The electric lights are off. Sunlight enters through the windows, which are lightly curtained.

First thing I thought of, or rather, first character it made me think of, was Mam Turnpek from the January 25th Fictionette, "How Not to Acquire a Familiar." In that story, she's one of two authority figures to whom the wizard's apprentice has to report, but of course it's the other, the wizard, who gets most of the screen time and quotable dialogue. This time around the butcher will get to star in her own story.

As always, if you wind up playing with the prompt and want to share the results, the comments below are open for your prose, poetry, or links to same. See you Friday! And also probably tomorrow!

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