Monday Musings: I want Livin' Americana to be a top brand for smart Latinx content

They say that if you want something to happen you have to visualize it and actualize it. That's why I'm posting these Monday Musings. I'm working hard to make Livin' Americana into something real. A sustainable media venture that highlights the great Latinx people in American cities who are making positive contributions and bringing neighborhoods back to life. 

This isn't just because of some type of moral obligation though. I want you to love our stories and to want to keep coming back for more. This way I hope Livin' Americana becomes  something that can sustain me and my family into the future while also uplifting Latinx and multicultural communities across America!

One question for you all:
Do you listen to podcasts? Why do you like them? If you don't listen, why not?

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