Monday Night Raw Review 11/27 The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik
Raw kicks off with a recap of last week Kane attacking Strowman and then Roman Reigns comes to the ring. No big Raw kick off tonight!



Rollins vs Cesaro:

Winner: Rollins

Titus vs Joe:

Winner: Joe

After the match Crews attacks Joe but gets same results as Titus.

6-Woman Tag Team Tag Match:

Banks, Bailey, James vs Paige, Mandy, Soyna

Winners: Bailey and James are shown in back taken out by Paige and company before the match. As Paige explains her actions they walk to the ring. Absolution Group as Paige calls it. Paige ask Banks to join but Banks attacks Paige. (No match happens.)

Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt:

Winner: Wyatt

Fatal Four Way for Cruiserweight Title shot:

Winner: Rich Swann

Reigns vs Elias for IC Title:

Winner: Riegns

Dana Brook vs Asuka:

Winner: Asuka

Kane vs Jordan:

Winner: Kane by count out.

Balor vs Kane:

Match was made as Jordan was injured.

My Overall Review of the show:

With Roman in the ring the crowd is chanting Roman. Roman talks and the crowd reacts saying YOU DESERVE IT. They show a recap of beating on Miz last Monday from the Shield. As Roman says the Miz is going to be gone (he is doing a movie.) Roman offers a star to step up and take it. Bo Dalls and Curtis Axle show up. Elias comes out with a guitar and challenges Reigns. 

Is Reigns going to do a weekly challenge with the IC Title?

After the match Rollins says rematch for Titles next week on Raw Angle sets up a fatal 4 way for Cruiserweight division to see who will face Enzo for next 3 weeks. During the Tag Team match Bliss was at commentator tables. Bliss walks off as Paige,Mandy and Soyna who are calling themselves Absolution take out Banks in the ring. 

A short clip of Wyatt is shown before commercials.

This is the  1279 Episode of Raw announced by commentators as Wyatt comes to the ring. His words and actions get weird as he states (We All Are Dead. ) Not sure why WWE continues with Wyatt. After the match Hardy was doing something with the crowd not sure what!

Is Matt Hardy going to the Broken Character on WWE ?

Elias dedicates a song to the Miz than brings Bo and Curtis in the ring. It dragged on until Roman came to the ring. The Miz crew helped Elias however Reigns won the match. After the match Samoa Joe attacks Reigns on his way to the back. 

Will it be Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns next week?

Asuka comes out to the ring and you wonder what Absolution thinks of Asuka. Asuka gets Brooks to tap in like 5 seconds in the match is over! Absolution comes out but let's Asuka out of the ring. Not sure where this is going!

Last match featured Kane vs Jordan. It is really obvious some one needs to put Jordan on the shelf. However Balor comes out to the ring. A match is made between Balor and Kane. Strowman showes up and takes out Kane.


Seemed a lot of people off on RAW: Ambrose on a honeymoon, and Shamues in Ireland. Miz is out for a movie and no sign of Stephanie or Triple H. Also no Cena, Anderson, Gallows,or a tag team match. So here is my question what is going on in the WWE?

I have decided to try to find a word for every show: