Monday Patreon Update
Hello everyone!

Had an ok stream of Empyrion Galactic Survival on late night Saturday. Skipped the Long Dark I usually do the hour before since I was still recovering from the marathon on a bit but happy to report back at 100 percent! 

Sunday I did drop the content I had sitting for a few days with XCOM 2 madness going on. 

Fallout 4 Let's Play #17 "The Many Deaths of Marko Jones PT 2"

Valkyria Chronicles- Squad 7 R&R

Followed up this evening with our Let's Play of XCOM 2 #2 "VIP EXTRACT"

Have more XCOM 2 content already in the shoot but spacing it off to once a day. 

Sad to report I did run into a bit of a snag on the Long Dark recording front today as somehow related to making more room on the SSD for XCOM 2 I managed to get rid of my save files for Long Dark don't ask me how. 

So Timberwolf Mountain series might have to start over or I'll grind for a bit off camera to bring that back to speed. 

The twitch run was also lost sadly but at only 60 odd days not a total loss. 

Might not get a lot of recording done in the morning as I'm planning a long streaming day. Had a good stream of The Long Dark and XCOM 2 today. Planning on SWTOR's latest story update, Firewatch and The Long Dark if time available so it should be a good one!

Have a great night!