Monday Pre-Test Information (Long Post Warning)
On Monday, June 20, more mythic fights are tested. DBM is as ready as it can be for all 3 fights and I want to go over some details for each fight and the work that went into each mod.


Goes without saying but all data within mods such as timers are based on heroic testing from weeks/months ago. As such, subject to inaccuracies based on changes blizzard has made internally since those tests or just the differences between heroic and mythic. As such I fully expect there to be some incorrect timers and some missing timers for mythic only abilities. AI auto learning timers will be used with mythic abilities whenever possible though so after 2-3 pulls DBM should have a decent on the fly approximated timer for these abilities provided they aren't wildly variable.

What you need:

Just install latest alpha version of DBM. I recommend using alpha/dev version of mod because it has more updates for these tests that are NOT in current release version. You can get latest alpha version of curse or


This is most straight forward of the fights and the most important thing here really is making dps check which means everyone staying alive. The focus of mod here is to deliver accurate timers and ample warning for most threatening abilities like the smashes that take out the bridge. DBM will count the smashes for you and assuming it's same count as heroic, give extra warning and pre warning to melee particularly that the smash they DO run out for is incoming. the other big thing about this is the frontal shockwave that covers half of bridge depending on arm used. DBM should detect which arm he's going to use and actually show an arrow and warning about which side you should be moving to for safety. This is especially helpful for those who don't necessarily play with camera zoomed out massively far or have a good angle on the boss to watch his animations. It's also slightly faster than his animations.

High Botanist Tel'arn:

This fight is pretty much reverse of other difficulties. The boss starts split and as you kill off his forms the remaining bosses augment their abilities. It's very different from what was seen on heroic so I very much expect some serious inaccuracies and such with mod. For this I tried to focus on just ensuring all the new mythic variations of abilities had drycoded warnings so the mod could do it's best to warn for incoming threats.

The timers will likely be nigh useless since it's effectively an entirely different boss fight. On heroic the boss timers got slower the more boss split so my theory for mythic is that they will get faster as the splits die and you work way down to one. On heroic all timers were 75 seconds when it was just one, 55 when it was 2 and 35 when it was 3. If mythic is similar but inverse then it's likely all the abilities will start at 35 then increase to 55 and 75 when only one is left. Now, I didn't want to code in this assumption since it can go just as wrong and end up being time wasted. As such, at present the timers will behave like heroic which is starting at 35 and increasing to 55 then 75 for phase 2 and 3. This of course means that if it DOES work like I think it will, the timers will be REALLY backwards, so putting that warning out there. I'm pretty much calling it now that this will probably happen. :)

Star Augur Estraeus:

This boss is probably going to be one of the most complex mods ever created to date when it's done. It'll rank up there with DBM and archimonde. Now of course right now it's a work in progress because the blunt of the coding revolves around the mythic only mechanic no one has seen yet. I have put many hours into trying to drycode it to be as thorough as possible with datamining the likely spellids for the star signs and making best guesses how everything works. I hope that it works amazingly during test and helps a lot of guilds how using these mods. However I'm realistic and know that in all likely hood some assumptions will be wrong and some code can be broken. I need feedback on this boss more than any boss tested before. This is going to be one of those fights where mods make or break the fight. Doing this boss without mods will be like doing mythic archimonde without mods. So getting it right is very important. I'm sure several weeks into mythic there will be weak auras and everything else for it but my goal is always to try and have something there as early as possible for those that get in there before such things exist. I want to make this mod perfect so when people reach this fight on mythic They already have everything they need to get started without waiting, then can customize/augment it with weak auras to fit their personal tastes if they want, when they become available.

Outside of the mythic mechanics, all the heroic stuff, baring any changes between it and mythic, should work quite well and provide help all around for the regular stuff like running out raid wiping debuffs etc. This fight has a lot of those too so I expect the existing mods to still prove invaluable even if the mythic stuff is incomplete.

If you want to  help:

If you are testing these fights and have feedback to give, or want to share your data. Please capture the pulls using Transcriptor ( . Especially with a boss like High botanist which is going to need quite a few different logs from different sources since the fight turns out different depending on kill order which means data on multiple variations is needed.

If you don't have logs to share, simply noting missing features or timers or lua errors is still helpful too.

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