Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Been a pretty productive day so let's get to it! Had a really good weekend, hope you all had the same. Pretty nice Empyrion stream late Saturday night. 

Streamed a bit of Dead By Daylight before the usual Mad Max on Monday. Dead by Daylight is a 4vs1 horror genre but it is quite fun I've found. Will be trying to throw that in the stream from time to time before our normal stream time. 

Working on quite a few things for youtube this week but today's work won't be out till a little bit later so let's catch up on the weekend videos

Fallout 4 Modded #24 Brotherhood Of Steel

7 Days To Die Season 2 #13

Dead By Daylight Beta

Not going to make a big deal but I did put in a partnership app again for Twitch but not really getting my hopes up there. They will be taking a look at the stream again so will be busting my butt as usual this week so hopefully that will help. 

Well back to the grindstone for me!



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