Mondays comic update... Bean page 646

Good morning

It's time for our regular comic update. With the month almost over there is still a chance for those that want to get into the running of the FREE copic art piece to set their pledge.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their support and helping keep Bean pushing forward. What is exciting to me is that I have finished over 646 pages... That is a lot of story and I am still going strong.

I also finished scripting the next book in the series and let me tell it did not end they way I thought it would. That excites me as a writer and creator, when your story evolves into something soooo much more.

So enjoy today's update and here's to many more. Also remember that pledges are on a monthly basis and not a per update. This allows me to update a whole bunch of times during the month, without anyone cringing:)

Keep creating and dreaming big,