Monday's Howard Stern Show
You can read my full rundown of Monday's Howard Stern Show at Here's what I covered: *Back Live - Bob Grant's Death. 01/06/14. 6:00am *Christmas Party Discussions And More. 01/06/14. 6:40am *Howard's Vacation In Mexico. 01/06/14. 7:10am *Howard's Latest Movie And TV Reviews. 01/06/14. 7:40am *Phony Phone Calls, Bits, Birthday Show Talk And More. 01/06/14. 7:45am *A Birthday Show Ticket Giveaway Game. 01/06/14. 8:20am *Song Parodies And More. 01/06/14. 8:25am *Hanzi Calls In. 01/06/14. 8:40am *Howard's Christmas Card In The News. 01/06/14. 8:45am *Top 5 Songs, New Year's Countdown, Joey Boots Clips And More. 01/06/14. 8:55am *Gary's Son Jackson Visits. 01/06/14. 9:25am *Robin's News. 01/06/14. 9:45am *Wrap Up Show - Vacation Talk. 01/06/14. 10:25am *Wrap Up Show - Bobo's Birthday Show Ticket. 01/06/14. 10:40am *Wrap Up Show - Christmas Party Discussions. 01/06/14. 10:55am