Mondev - Patron Voting! Been thinking for a while exactly how I wanted to do this, and I've decided to go with another Google Doc.

Now please bear in mind, this project isn't going to be _entirely_ voting driven. I want to give an insight into building a complete game, which involves scoping well and not overdoing features and additions.

But I've come up with a bunch of things, mechanics, art styles, etc that are viable and might be interesting. If you have your own suggestions please make them here and I will consider adding them to the sheet.

A couple of these things might be things I plan to do regardless, things like menus and so on. But you can help me prioritise the things that you're most interested in. And if I can't decide between two or more options for a decision, chances are I'll put both on here and let you guys fight it out with votes =)

For one thing, WHAT SHOULD THE GAME WORLD LOOK LIKE? I've included some potential themes in the spreadsheet, vote on those or suggest your own here! We'll see what wins out by Monday =)