Money can end Poverty 

President Ronald Reagan said:  “The government fought a War on Poverty, and poverty won,”  The Reagan era was the beginning of a successful war against promoting the General Welfare which is is listed in the Preamble  of the Constitution as a reason for forming the Union.  

It was the beginning  of promoting the rise of the 1%er to a position of Power over the Working Class.  It is time to change the course back to making Progress over the move to Wage-Slavery.  It is time to start using our Sovereign Currency to provide every Citizen a dividend  from the National Commonwealth large enough to end Hunger, Homelessness, Illness without Medical Care and lack of training in Life Skills.

We can use the current system of Supplemental Security Income [SSI] now administered by Social Security. Remove the Means test, Fix the amount above the average Poverty Level.  Move the Medicare charge from Social Security to SSI and start eligibility at age 62. It would decrease Medicare cost by expanding the Base and still leave the choice of the time to start receiving Social Security Benefits up to the person eligible for those Benefits.