Money is rare but the Suit will be ordered soon
Yeah... I have to spare some money to renovate my new home. The outgoings will be 50.000 to 60.000 EUR because I have to buy new windows, the whole heating system, the whole watersupply, furniture, kitchen, bath and so on.

And I gonna visit norway for my first time in winter. This is a wish i had for forever... Another 2000 EUR for that

BUT!!! I have some money left to buy the fursuit when my maker is open again. He will finish a partial suit and then he will begin with mine :3

The suit will be awesome but only costs about 1350 Dollar plus shipping and customs

My total expenses in this year will be about 64.000 EUR. (I had to lend money from my bank for that)

If you wanna help me to get my things done I would really appreciate it ^^ Each dollar can help :3

Thank you so much for reading and your help.

Art by my dear friend MuneAJ :3