Monster Dice review: Zombie Dice (**)
I pitched in for the Monster Dice Kickstarter because, like every gaming geek, I love dice. I also like dice that's perfect for the job at hand, and in the case of Monster Dice, it seems only appropriate that you use the right dice for the right monster. Given these are six-sided dice, that limits things a bit if you use D&D Fifth Edition rules like I do, but there's still plenty of variety. So I went in and got 10 different kind of dice that fit monsters who inflict at least 1d6 damage.

Zombies are certainly the easiest. They inflict 1d6+1 bludgeoning damage, so buying a zombie die was a no brainer (you're welcome!). It's a green die with black coloring.

The zombie die uses a broken zombie hand to identify numbers, with the number of fingers held up representing the number of pips: two fingers for two, three fingers for three, etc. This includes the thumb (or doesn't, depending on the number).

There are a few problems with the die. For some reason they didn't decide to use one finger for one (a middle finger would have been hilarious), so instead we have a zombie holding a brain. I don't mind the design, but the black etching loses all brain detail, so it looks a bit like a silhouette of a head having a bad hair day.

The biggest challenge with six-sided dice is always the six and one pips. Does the one clearly indicate the lowest number and the six the highest? The six works okay (zombie gets brains, WINNER!). The one is a silhouette of a zombie and his two companions in the background. This is confusing. It looks like maybe a three, or something really important like a six. What it doesn't look like is a one.

As a result, this zombie dice doesn't really do the job.

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