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Monster Girls Challenge 2015 - Set 2
I ran out of time this month to get the rest of the Monster Girls finished in this set, but hopefully what's there is totally worth your while!  I definitely have a lot of personal favorites in this series from this set (Satyr, Cat, and Multiple Limbs, in particular).

Once I finish the other gals, I'll be sure to edit this image with the finished versions!  Feel free to retroactively request wallpapers of your favorite gals too.

You can also watch the Monster Girls as they happen over at my FB Event!

NEXT MONTH'S ART:  The Yearly Christmas Card! (Be sure to sign up for my Christmas card list here if you haven't already and would like a free Christmas card!)

Digital Rewards

Coming in a separate post, so stay tuned to your $5+ Patron-only feeds!  This month I'll be sharing a narrated walkthrough of how I created Satyr.  The video will be uploaded within the next couple of weeks.  I'll also be creating wallpapers of my fave gals from this set!  Any particular requests? Leave them in comments!

Art Collectors

For my Collectors, your print of all of the completed MG's in set 2 will be sent by November 15th along with a random goodie from my studio. Keep an eye on your mailbox!

Keyword Sketches

Expect a PM from me soon asking for 2-keyword inspiration prompts from my $5+ Patrons!  Don't miss this chance at a free ACEO sketch based on the most inspiring prompt.  All you need to do is respond to my message within the Patreon site with your 2-keyword prompt. This could be a character OR abstract concept.  Can't wait to see what you guys throw at me!