Monster Commission: "Gliding Auroras"
A pal I met at a con some years ago is a big fan of monsters, and has several documents with descriptions of a number of monsters he's imagined. He's been wanting to commission me for a while, but I've been busy both with traveling and Patreon stuff, but now that things are stabilizing a bit more I can take on some commissions again.

Anyway, the first one he commissioned me to draw was a "Gliding Aurora". Here's his text description:

Their appearance is no more than half a foot tall and a foot wide when they stretch their bodies out, they have webbing between their then legs which are similar to that of a crustacean, the webbing is retracted into their bodies until they are ready to glide. They glide by expanding the webbing and surging electricity through it so that it vibrates and creates a effect that gives them propulsion. The webbing during this time would glow. Variations of colors and to natives of their would nickname flying auroras. There is even a festival based around their migrations during change of stormy seasons. They do have a slender neck and a slanted arrow like head with black eyes specked with blue pupils. A more evolved form of their species have little claw like fingers which allow them to grab objects and slightly larger heads.

Pretty cool critter, no? Also, how well do you think I followed his description?

I had a lot of fun with this project since it involves imagination and interpreting what someone else has written. I'd love to do some more of his monsters!

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