The Monster Under The Bed
Just a little poem for the Halloween spirit!

The horror and fear,

You scream and it’s clear.

A monster so frightening,

The terror strikes like lightening.

His horrible yellow teeth,

Ready to chomp you from beneath.

His claws, long and sharp,

He’s going to use your bones as a harp.

His eyes are red and glowing,

You run away, yet you are slowing.

The beast grips you in its arm,

But then you hear the alarm.

You spring up, shaking like a leaf,

A dream, nothing but a silly belief.

You sink back into bed,

Not noticing the glowing eyes of red.

Your eyes are close and your dreams pure,

Blissfully unaware that you’re a monster’s hungry cure.

Awaken to the sound of creaking,

But its teeth are already sinking.

You shout, but it’s too late,

This was meant to be your fate.