Monsters (2010) - All Sightings
I love this movie based around how it was made. It had a
budget of $500,000 (of which they came nowhere near to spending) which Vertigo
Films gave Gareth Edwards after he pitched the idea. It was filmed in and
around Mexico by a team of only 6, which includes the two main actors,  who had very limited resources. All other
'cast members' you see were people they just pulled off the streets and gave
them a basic outline of the plot and then told them to improvise! They actually
had to download all footage each night off the memory cards to have enough room
to film the following day. They got no permission to film in the locations they
shot, and it was edited as they went along in the hotel room each night. The
visual effects were produced by Gareth himself on his own laptop in his bedroom
using Zbrush and 3DS Max. The studio gave him 5 months to complete all 250
visual effects shots...on his own.  

With me knowing about the way it was made the movie gave me
a great feeling of wanderlust. That feeling of making a journey with no real
aim or plan. And sharing that experience with someone, there's nothing like it.
So for the edit, I've tried to show you guys how I felt upon my first viewing. The
music I've used is what I would myself be listening too on such a journey, it
gets those odd feelings of nostalgia that you sometime experience, that
familiarity of something that comes from something you've never even seen

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and get some good debates going
on, it's what you guys are best at. As always, Stay Awesome.


Movie Junkie