Monstrum's Many Magnificent Maps

"Ah! You've come!" the Wizard rasps.

*The air is warm, dry, and smells of old parchment in the interior of Monstrum's. Candlelight flickers, but it doesn't seem to come from candles. Continual flame spell perhaps? As your eyes adjust from the brightness outside, you can tell that while darker, it's still bright enough that you'll be able to find the map you're looking for.*

"Please, take a look around. We collect so many maps from so many places that we've likely forgotten more than we can remember, so if you don't find what you're looking for on one shelf, we have quite a few more!" he laughed dryly. "The Rogue is off procuring more, but she should be back soon. Stop by frequently to see if she's delivered any more goods."

Ah, the ever growing "archive" post! I took a look around to get some good ideas on how to collect and post the appropriate rewards to the appropriate tiers without spamming everyone and I think this is probably going to be it.

Each time we have a release, there will be an "announcement" post that details what we're including in the release and for which tiers (if there are differences beyond the generic tier description) and will include a few images.

Then, for each tier, we'll send out a small post with the appropriate zip files attached. We're still working on the number of zip files as well as the compression of the files, but each tier post will contain all rewards within that post. That way you won't a) receive duplicate emails, and b) have to view other tier posts in order to download your rewards.

Once all of those have been sent out, we'll update this post with links to the announcement and tier posts both for ease of access for current patrons as well as new ones that would like to download previously released material.

As always - if you have questions, reply here, send a message through Patreon, or send one on Discord!


Temple in the Woods - (gnoll, mimic, displacer beast, beholder)

Zhentarim Warehouse - (free)

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