Month-11 - 11 - Ryu
Merry Christmas again!

Here's the 11th of this month, the two sides of Street Fighter's Ryu.

HD & PSD available for the appropriate tiers at the beginning of next month!

Thanks again for your support!

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Thank you so very much!
$1 or more per month
Thanks so much for your support, You folks are champs!:
  • Occasional 'Work-in-Progress' posts from  RandomVeus vol.2 as they happen.

    But otherwise a MASSIVE thank you all the same!
Vol.2 Pages & Streams!
$4 or more per month

  • Fully completed pages from  RandomVeus vol.2  as they happen! 2 - 4 pages per month!
  • UNANNOUNCED streams of a RandomVeus vol.2 page being created! ONLY for Patreon eyes!
  • Everything from previous Tier.
3. Vol.2 videos!
$10 or more per month

  • Time-lapse video Higher Tier Patron requests being created.
    1 - 2 per month!
  •  Everything from Previous Tier 
4. RandomVeus style!
$25 or more per month

  • A digital headshot of ANY character you like drawn in the RandomVeus style!
  •  Everything from Previous Tier 
5. You Request from the following options!
$55 or more per month
  • Everything from Previous Goals
    (minus the headshot from previous tier)
  •  (Option 1) a Full Colour Digital Torso of ANY character you want (from anime/comic/videogame/Original Character) drawn in RandomVeus style

  •  (Option 2) a Cameo of YOU (or a loved one or Original Character) on one of the pages worked on during that month. 
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