Month 4. Support Galore!
Wow, this month put its foot on the pedal and did not let up! Not only did the time just seem to fly by, the support blew us sky high! October alone saw as many as 120+ people join our channel, TWO follower milestones, and I honestly cannot believe I am even typing this out at the moment so I will pause it there before I burst with excitement. I cannot thank you all enough for being awesome. You guys always find a way to defy my wildest dreams and it is incredibly humbling to legitimately FEEL the support that you guys have for, not only the channel, but for each other. 

I will say this, however, that to expect such growth to be a regular thing is foolish and quite frankly, I would rather grow slow. Why? We are still in the beginning stages of building and this time allows me to form bonds with those who continue to arrive to the numerous channels of communication and entertainment that we have at this moment in time. On top of that, you guys get to do the same with one another on a daily basis!

That is community. That is what I am doing my darnedest to preach, show, and foster on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and everything else that we are apart of. Now, I am not alone in this nor will I ever be. It is harder. It will take longer. And the pace at which we grow may seem quite slow at times but as I have been and will continue to say, we are in this together. Now and always. If you stick we me, even through the trials and tribulations that will certainly (and have already) come and gone, I will do everything I can to support you all for years to come. 

Bring it on month 5.