Wow, ok that was a pretty great month. What do you think, too many posts? To random? Your feedback is what drives and builds this patreon so I'd love to  hear what you think. 

Next month I'll be adding a new feature, which is a Patreon Supporter coupon code good on all purchases through my etsy or direct shopping website, so keep an eye out for that one! 

I've also gone through, and updated a lot of the older tags and titles of posts to be a lot more friendly email notification wise. Still have some to update but i'm up to all of the August posts. Now you'll be able to see more clearly what exactly a post is about, and if its a dibs item, the price as well. 

I got really close to my custom pop goal for the month, but I didn't get the pics of all those jewelry items so that will play a big part in may's schedule for sure along with 30 pops. 

Heres to another month, hope to see you there!

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