Month-end report: February. And what's up in March.

(In April of 1973, my brother Rich and I built a spectacular snow fort at the foot of our driveway. I think my dad has sideburns?)

February was productive in various ways, though not, alas, in words on the page:

  • I gave a talk in Topeka at the library there.
  • I applied for an NEA grant. This is a long shot, all the more since I pitched a work in a subgenre that people love to hate on, space opera. 
  • I gave up on a job application: I just ran out of time, alas. Yes, I am looking for a new job. There are reasons. This will be a slow process. 
  • I started work on a story with the terrible working title, "Noah and the Ravens." 
  • I have been on the jury for a young writer's award this month, which was fun. details when it's public-er. 
  • I also have been reading applications for this year's Clarion Writer's workshop. I had the pleasant duty of recusing myself on one application because the writer was someone I've taught before; her application stories were brilliant. 
  • Was contacted by three (or maybe) four publishers about reprints: this is always very delightful...
  • of which is already live, "26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss," at Clarkesworld. 

March is going to be quite busy, though most of it will be school-related: a graduate exam and a Master's thesis I am on the committee for; plus seven other committees that I am on or chairing that finish in the next five weeks (did I mention jobhunt?). However...

  • Spring break! I knew I would be too busy and wiped to go anywhere, but it's intrinsically productive to be able to wear yoga pants every day for a week. (Disclaimer: I don't really wear yoga pants every day for a week.)
  • I am giving a craft talk at Lindenwood University in St. Louis on 28 March, and signing books for Left Bank Books.
  • Speculative Chic is talking about The Fox Woman for their Book Club in March. I am going to write a blog post for them, woohoo! 
  • We'll be finishing up deciding who is in this year's Novel Workshop
  • I want to finish the Noah story.
  • Finally my taxes. I have been waiting for one single 1099, and supposedly they sent it last week. I have my doubts, but maybe? 
  • I need to finish the application for a small book award, due tomorrow. 
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